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Is Post Malone Getting Final Destinationed?

Like Rasputin before him, Post Malone refuses to die. Just two weeks and change after this bearded mystic survived near-catastrophe when his private jet blew two landing gear tires during takeoff, Post has skirted oblivion once again. Last night in West Hollywood, he was in a serious car accident that left his Rolls Royce Wraith very busted up but his earthly body unscathed. “You can’t fuckin’ kill me, motherfuckers,” he told paparazzi at the scene, with the cautious joy of a man who knows it could have been worse.

According to the Blast, no one was charged or ticketed in the accident, which happened between Post’s Rolls and a Kia near Santa Monica Blvd. There were reportedly no drugs or alcohol involved on either side, and Post himself seems clear and lucid in the paparazzi video. (His assistant was apparently the one driving.)

We’re glad to hear that everyone is OK, but the accident does raise the troubling prospect that Post Malone is being Final Destinationed. Perhaps, after having cheated death in the air, he is now haunted by a spirit that refuses to rest until all accounts are settled. Or maybe he’s just in the middle of an unlucky streak. The rapper himself alluded to the possibility of some sort of paranormal activity on Twitter:

Be careful out there, Posty.

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