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Watch Missy Elliott Surprise Her “Funky White Sister” on Ellen

Missy Elliott Surprises Viral Star on 'Ellen'

Over the summer, Missy Elliott shared a clip of Mary Halsey, a woman the rapper dubbed her “funky white sister,” performing “Work It” at what looks like a barbecue in a park. The ensuing clip went viral thanks to Halsey’s intensely enthusiastic and accurate performance. Given how it’s practically mandatory that all stars of feel good viral clips appear on Ellen, Halsey performed her famous “Work It” cover to the delight of host Ellen DeGeneres and fellow guest Kristen Bell.

The 58-year-old brandished a shofar and, given the song’s explicit subject matter, got about as raunchy as a daytime network TV broadcast will allow. Although the shots of DeGeneres singing along with the performance are adorable, the highlight is when Elliott surprises Halsey after striding onstage wearing what appeared to be a diamond or Swarovski crystal-encrusted medallion that reads “iconic.” Halsey seems to have the wind knocked out of her for a few seconds before performing a duet with Elliott. The duo especially had fun with the “get your hair did” lyric.

Elliott then presented Halsey with a jacket that read “Missy’s Funky White Sister” on the back. Don’t let anyone tell you that dreams don’t come true.

Check out the performance below:

And for the three people who haven’t seen the original clip, here you go: