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Lil Baby & Gunna – “Drip Too Hard”

listen lil baby gunna drip too hard

Breakout Atlanta rappers Lil Baby and Gunna have created a strong and deserved buzz around their various separate projects, but when the two collaborate together on records, like “Life Goes On” and “Sold Out Dates,” they complement each other very well, showcasing their dueling charisma and lyrical prowess. That makes the recent news that the two rappers are working on a project together, Drip Harder, due out sometime this month, all the more tantalizing. With the release of their first single from that forthcoming mixtape, “Drip Too Hard,” the anticipation feels even more warranted.

The turbo-produced track is a jangly and rugged meditative record where both Lil Baby and Gunna can wax philosophic about swag and hustling. The two rappers’ trembly-voiced melodic raps feel intoxicating but are also, well, dripping with a verisimilitude perfect for the rough, wild west-style melancholy projected by the production. There’s no official release date for Drip Harder as of yet, but you can listen to “Drip Too Hard” below.