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Kanye Defends Alex Jones, Louis CK, Donald Trump While Wearing Kaepernick T-Shirt

Kanye West Shows Up at The Fader Office, Says Crazy Shit

Kanye West showed up to The Fader offices in New York City on Thursday wearing a MAGA hat paired with a Colin Kaepernick shirt. Footage and photos from the rapper’s appearance shared on social media seem to depict an incoherent TED Talk where the 41-year-old played music from his forthcoming album Yandhidefended accused sexual predators, made a baffling statement about how “a woman’s pussy count goes back to zero” after plastic surgery, and discussed his dreams of owning a flying car company.

A video shot during West’s one-man show consists of the rapper defending his MAGA hat by claiming that he basically transformed the piece of Trump propaganda’s meaning by tweaking the design slightly.

“I redesigned it. I changed the brim,” he said. “I mean I changed the shape right here and I put positive energy into the hat.”

Here’s footage of West previewing a snippet of new music while he leans on some furniture and sings along.

Other highlights of the symposium include West praising Alex Jones and President Trump as “matrix-breakers,” opining on what he would have done if he were a slave (“run, fought, or got killed”), and the song he recorded with 6ix9ine, who has pleaded guilty to a sex crime, about his aforementioned theory regarding women, cosmetic surgery, and their vaginas. He also said there were only 800 slaves in the 1800s (as opposed to several million) and said he would prefer disgraced comedian Louis C.K. host this weekend’s Saturday Night Live season premiere, which features West as the musical guest.

As for details that actually pertain to the new album, West said the late rapper XXXTentacion, another alleged abuser, appears on Yandhi, and that he’s waiting on some vocals from Rihanna.