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Kanye Sent People to Japan to Buy Stuff From Convenience Stores

Isn’t it nice having Kanye back on Twitter? The other day he issued a long, serialized apology to Drake, and today, he’s showing off some stuff he got from Japan. Kanye is, he says, “creating the convenience of the future”—presumably he means “convenience store of the future”—and, in search of inspiration, he appears to have sent some Yeezy staff to clean out a convenience store overseas. Many bloggers in this scenario might film a “haul video” to show off their new treasures, but Kanye opted for a kind of Twitter photo essay instead. Let’s see some highlights:

Where did your eye first land in this picture? The nudie mags, perhaps, or the aesthetically pleasing blue wine bottle opener, or the high-contrast package of Pocari Sweat sports drink? Wait, there’s so much more.

Team Yeezy’s “research” has turned up a vast array of drugstore impulse purchases, including nail clippers, floss picks, eyedrops, razors, bandages, combs, soap, tweezers, toothpaste, lightbulbs, packing tape, combination locks, candy, drinks, batteries, earbuds, phone chargers, boxer shorts, and gloves. So many gloves.

A subcategory of G.O.O.D Bodega research merch comes directly from Japanese homewares brand Muji, which sells some of the exact same items online. But it’s better when it’s actually from Japan, right?

Here’s some more from the R&D departmentincluding the camping cookware section:



All this, coming soon to a My Beautiful Bright Clean Convenience Store near you?

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