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The Fader Deletes Trump, Alex Jones Quotes From Report on Kanye West’s Office Visit

'The Fader" Deletes Kanye's Defense of Alex Jones, Donald Trump

On Thursday, Kanye West showed up to the music magazine The Fader‘s offices in New York City to ostensibly preview new music from his forthcoming album Yandhi , but he reportedly ended up also delivering a predictably unwieldy monologue about, among other things, how a woman’s “pussy count goes back to zero” after she has cosmetic surgery and his dreams of opening a flying car company in Chicago.

The outlet reported on West’s appearance in a post titled “Here’s what happened during Kanye West’s visit to The FADER.” In the original version of the post, West is quoted as referring to Donald Trump and Infowars founder Alex Jones as “matrix-breakers.” The Jones and Trump quote was picked up by Spin and other outlets, like Vulture and Stereogum. But at some point between Thursday afternoon and Thursday night, the quote, which sounds a hell of a lot like an endorsement of both the president and the right wing conspiracy peddler, quietly disappeared from The Fader‘s post. No update or correction was issued.

It seems like a curious quote to delete given how vocal the rapper has been regarding his support of Trump’s MAGA agenda (he showed up to The Fader‘s offices in a MAGA hat and Colin Kaepernick sweatshirt), his embrace of alt-right fringe figures like Candace Owens, and his endorsement of other problematic men, like Louis C.K.

Both Infowars and right-wing fringe personality Paul Joseph Watson shared the quote as an emphatic endorsement from the rapper.

So why did The Fader delete the “matrix-breakers” quote? Was the rapper misquoted? Was that part of the conversation off the record? Did the publication receive push back from West’s camp? We’ve reached out to representatives from both The Fader and West and will update this post if we hear back.