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Video: Jon Hopkins – “Singularity”

Jon Hopkins already had one fantastic video for May’s full-length album Singularity, the trippy animated mini-epic created for “Emerald Rush.” Today he’s got another: a live action clip for the album’s title track that opens on a similar forest scene, but quickly shifts to a gloomy industrial zone where a leather-jacketed man has a chance encounter with a woman who tumbles from the sky. From there, the two move through an elaborate and elegant dance/fight routine, driving home the music’s heady physicality as they crash through the limitations of physical reality. The details of the choreography and performance are remarkable, and the final product is cinematic, emotionally intense, and every bit as worth the watch as “Emerald Rush.”

Watch “Singularity” below and revisit Spin’s recent interview with Hopkins on meditation, music, and taking psychedelics.