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Jeff Tweedy Announces New Solo Album, Releases “Some Birds”

Jeff Tweedy Announces New Solo Album 'Warm'

Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy will be releasing a new solo album, WARM, this fall. Although Tweedy previously released, Together At Last, an album featuring stripped down versions of Wilco songs, WARM marks Tweedy’s first proper solo effort.

Tweedy also released “Some Birds,” the lead single off the forthcoming album. In a statement, Tweedy described the track as “like a lot of songs on WARM, being a confrontation between self and shadow self simultaneously feeling I’m to blame and not to blame, present and gone, and utterly confused, but determined to hold someone accountable.” Seth Henrikson directed the song’s video, which features Tweedy and his doppelgänger being given full reign of a hair salon.

WARM comes out on November 30 on Wilco’s dBpm label. It was recorded in Tweedy’s Chicago studio the Loft along with his son Spencer Tweedy, Glenn Kotche, and Tom Schick. Author George Saunders wrote the liner notes, which were published in the New Yorker on Monday morning.

“Jeff is, to my mind, a warrior for kindness, who has made tenderness an acceptable rock-and-roll virtue,” Saunders wrote.  He added, “Tweedy-tenderness is sophisticated and badass and funny. It proceeds from strength and good humor and does not preclude being angry or tough or peeved.”

Check out the video for “Some Birds” below: