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Gallant – “TOOGOODTOBETRUE” (feat. Sufjan Stevens & Rebecca Sugar)

R&B songwriter Gallant has teamed up with Sufjan Stevens and Rebecca Sugar on a new song titled “TOOGOODTOBETRUE.” Gallant partnered with Sufjan to cover Drake’s “Hotline Bling” in 2016 as well as helped pay homage to the late Prince at Coachella later that year.

Gallant has released three new songs—“Gentleman,” “Doesn’t Matter,” and “Haha No One Can Hear You!”—over the course of the last year. His album This Does Not Fit arrives later this year.

Gallant also teamed up with Sufjan to “cover” the Sufjan song “Blue Bucket Of Gold” for Spotify’s In The Room sessions in 2016. His album Ology also arrived that year. Hear his latest Sufjan Stevens collaboration below.