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Listen to French Montana and Drake’s Latest Collaboration “No Stylist”

THERMAL, CA - APRIL 15: Rappers Drake (L) and French Montana attend The Levi's Brand Presents NEON CARNIVAL with Tequila Don Julio on April 15, 2017 in Thermal, California. (Photo by Jonathan Leibson/WireImage)

Drake and French Montana have a fruitful history together. Montana’s breakthrough single “Pop That” featured a starring Drake verse, and both appear on the minor classic Rick Ross track “Stay Schemin’.” Their most recent song together, last year’s “No Shopping,” was far less memorable, a history the two are probably hoping to erase with “No Stylist,” a dark but airy new single that headlines a new three-song EP of sorts from Montana of the same name.

“No Stylist” was premiered today on Zane Lowe’s Apple radio show, in which French explained that the song came about from a studio session in Miami that was also attended by Bad Bunny. (Bad Bunny and Drake supposedly have a song together that features the latter singing in Spanish.)

I actually came to Miami when he [Drake] was working on his album. I just played him my music from my album, and he heard “No Stylist” and fell in love with it and he was like, “This is the one you and me should come out with.” I remember I came to Miami, it was me, him and Bad Bunny. We was at my boy Dave’s place, a bunch of ladies, a bunch of you know Miami vibes. You know Miami Vice vibes. And it was just the energy, you know. Some people make music but you could tell they’re not friends we make music and me and him kind of like the same things in life you know what I’m saying, we from the same era, so it just came together.

Sounds pretty fun—more so than the song itself, alas. Listen to both “No Stylist” and No Stylist below.