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Frances Bean Cobain Reveals Another Original Song on Instagram

frances bean cobain reveals new song on instagram video

Frances Bean Cobain has unveiled another clip of an original song via Instagram video. It’s the third original song snippet we’ve heard from the first daughter of grunge, who previously shared a clip of a song on the anniversary of dad Kurt Cobain‘s death and a snippet of another (since deleted), as well as a couple of cover song clips. Cobain hasn’t revealed titles for any of her original compositions, but she did include her own winking mini-review in the caption, writing, “‘What she lacks in technical precision, she makes up for with charisma’ 👌 🌸💐🌺.”

Over the summer, Irish outlet The Business Post reported that Cobain had signed a two-album deal with Columbia Records, but she has yet to officially confirm or announce any project. She did spend some time in Ireland this summer, attending a recent exhibition of Kurt Cobain memorabilia. In the past, the younger Cobain has said that her Instagram posts aren’t intended as official releases, but that she’s interested in pursuing her music further.

Watch Frances Bean Cobain debut her latest new song and find the lyrics (published on her Instagram Story) below.

So you tried to let me in
That’s nice
How’s that going?

It’s hard to be alive

It’s in my spine
Pain is in my spine

It’s in my spine