Fleet Foxes Announce First Collection 2006 – 2009 Box Set

Fleet Foxes Announce 'First Collection 2006 - 2009' Box Set

Fleet Foxes are releasing a massive box set coming out later this fall. First Collection 2006 – 2009 features assorted B-sides and demos, along with the indie folk band’s 2006 debut EP The Fleet Foxes, their 2008 followup EP Sun Giant, and a vinyl reissue of their eponymous 2008 debut LP. Also included is a booklet of lyrics, artwork, and flyers.

To promote the forthcoming collection, the band released a trailer consisting of archival performance footage.

The box set comes out on November 9 via Nonesuch in Europe and Sub Pop everywhere else, but can be pre-ordered on the band’s site.

The track listing is as follows:

Fleet Foxes 12”
Side A
1. Sun It Rises
2. White Winter Hymnal
3. Ragged Wood
4. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
5. Quiet Houses
6. He Doesn’t Know Why
Side B
1. Heard Them Stirring
2. Your Protector
3. Meadlowlarks
4. Blue Ridge Mountains
5. Oliver James
Sun Giant 10”
Side A
1. Sun Giant
2. Drops in the River
3. English House
Side B
1. Mykonos
2. Innocent Son

The Fleet Foxes EP 10”
Side A
1. She Got Dressed
2. In the Hot Hot Rays
3. Anyone Who’s Anyone
Side B
1. Textbook Love
2. So Long to the Headstrong
3. Icicle Tusk

B-Sides & Rarities 10”
Side A
1. False Knight On The Road
2. Silver Dagger
3. White Lace Regretfully
4. Isles
Side B
1. Ragged Wood (transition basement sketch)
2. He Doesn’t Know Why (basement demo)
3. English House (basement demo)
4. Hot Air (basement sketch)


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