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Video: Moors – “Mango” (Feat. Tune-Yards)

Recent Sorry To Bother You star Lakeith Stanfield is part of a rap duo called Moors with musician and producer Hrishikesh Hirway, and today, the duo has returned with a new song. With backing music from Tune-Yards‘ Merrill Garbus, “Mango” is a new collaborative single following both musicians’ contributions to the recent Boots Riley film. In a statement shared with the single, Garbus writes:

“Lakeith came to our studio in Oakland twice to work on vocals. He had really specific ideas about the track, different characters he wanted to give voice to, and we worked together to keep amping up the weird. Times are weird. Lakeith is reflecting his universes and creating new ones — it’s fascinating and important and we’re grateful and lucky to be a part of amplifying his voice.”

Check it out below.