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Pete Doherty Wins the Big Breakfast Challenge

Pete Doherty Eats Massive Breakfast at Dalby Cafe in Margate

Libertines frontman, former Kate Moss flame, and all around rapscallion Pete Doherty recently matured from a hungry boy into a hungry man when he demolished a massive breakfast at The Dalby Cafe in Margate, a small town in Kent, England.

Cafe patrons who manage to finish the Mega Breakfast join a small but elite club. The challenge involves swallowing a 4,000-calorie pile of food consisting of four eggs, four strips of bacon, four sausages, hash browns, mushrooms, a goddamn hamburger, french fries, two slices of bread, and other assorted sides, all in one sitting, without dying. Customers who manage to siphon all that food down in under 20 minutes don’t have to pay for the meal, which is essentially a breakfast buffet dumped onto a plate the size of a garbage can lid. The meal also comes with a cup of coffee or tea, but cafe owner Mark Ezekiel told the BBC that Doherty drank a strawberry milkshake while devouring the mountain of fried food. Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty.

“He came, he saw, he conquered, smashed it in 19.30 minutes,” Ezekiel wrote in a Facebook update.  “Pete can do it under 20 minutes, can you???!!”

Doherty won the honor of having his name added to a Wall of Fame sign which contains the names of the six other breakfast champions who downed the meal. Given all the horrible things Doherty has done to his body over the years, it’s almost like he’s been training his whole life for this victory.

Doherty was almost disqualified on a technicality as he had company during his meal. “He had his dog with him, that’s why he sat outside,” Ezekiel told the BBC. “We said ‘you can’t feed your dog or the challenge is void.’ He said ‘it’s a £4,500 dog and I’m not giving him fried food.'”

Doherty has become a bit of a fixture in the small Kent town, as the Libertines are building both a studio and hotel in the area. The band even sponsored jerseys for the Margate FC soccer team.

The Dalby Cafe shared photos of the blissed out Doherty on their social media channels. As for the formerly embattled singer-songwriter, well,  it’s nice to see him finally taking care of himself.