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Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Wishes He Never Introduced Her to Trump

Kellyanne Conway and George Conway Constantly Fight Over Trump

On Wednesday, the Washington Post gifted us with a long-awaited look into the domestic thunderdome that is White House adviser Kellyanne Conway‘s marriage to high-powered GOP lawyer George Conway. If this profile is any indication, this marriage is in trouble because of the man who has come between them—Donald Trump, to whom Kellyanne long ago hitched her wagon.

George Conway hasn’t hidden his displeasure with his wife’s boss, often taking to Twitter to retweet criticism of the president or quote tweet an article and call the president stupid, dishonest, or some combination of the two. The Post went ahead and confirmed our suspicion that sharing a home with Trump’s most shameless spin doctor has made their personal lives uncomfortable. Unfortunately, Conway has no one to blame but himself as he’s the one who introduced Kellyanne to Trump when the pair lived in New York City. From the Post:

Shortly after getting married in 2001, Kellyanne and George moved into an apartment in Manhattan’s Trump World Tower. There, George made an impression on the future president at a condo board meeting where he argued against removing Trump’s name from the building. The speech earned George an offer to join the condo board, which he declined but passed on to his wife, who accepted.

“Knowing what I know now,” George told me later, back in Washington, “I would have said no, and never mentioned it when I got home.”


George apparently once tolerated President Trump and even briefly considered an appointment to his DOJ, but his mood has since soured. Part of the tension in the marriage is due to him worrying that Kellyanne ruined her reputation by working for a wildly incompetent president. During a tour of the $7 million Embassy Row home they share with their four children, George can’t help but let brief flashes of scorn bubble to the surface while Kellyanne basks in the accomplishment of being the first female campaign manager to get her candidate into the White House. From the Post:

George, really wants us to come into his office and look at a photograph of the moment everything changed.

It’s a picture he took on election night 2016: Donald Trump is reaching for the first draft of his acceptance speech, just as victory seemed imminent. Back then, George was such an ardent supporter of the president, and so proud of his wife for her historic role as campaign manager, that he wept for joy.

“That photo was from before you cried,” Kellyanne says

“Now I cry for other reasons,” George mutters.

Kellyanne pretends to ignore that comment, something she’s been doing a lot of lately.

“You gotta see this picture,” George, 54, says. “You should like this, it’s your boss.”

“He’s not just my boss,” Kellyanne, 51, says. “He’s our president.”

“Yeah,” George says, walking out of the room. “We’ll see how long that lasts.”

If this is what they’re saying to each other in front of reporters, imagine the arguments they get into when they’re alone. Of course, their home has 11 bedrooms and spans 15,000 square feet, so it’s not like they can’t avoid each other.