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Stream the Juliet, Naked Soundtrack, Featuring New Songs From Ryan Adams and Conor Oberst

The new movie Juliet, Naked, based on the Nick Hornby (High Fidelity, About a Boy) novel of the same name, stars Ethan Hawke as Tucker Crowe, a reclusive, semi-forgotten ’90s singer-songwriter who’s resurfaced as the male lead in a rom-com. One of the challenges of a plot like this is producing original music that’s believably good, but fortunately, the fictional Tucker Crowe’s songs were written by the likes of Ryan AdamsRobyn Hitchcock, and Conor Oberst—a lineup that ought to convey a pretty clear image of the scruffy, guitar-playing, Jeff Buckley-inspired “Tucker Crowe” archetype.

The film’s official soundtrack is out now, and it features both the fully produced Hollywood versions of Tucker’s songs, sung by Hawke, and the demo recordings, sung by their real-life writers. Oberst’s contribution is called “LAX,” as in the Los Angeles airport, and it was already released earlier this week. New today are Ryan Adams’s “20th Call of the Day” and Robyn Hitchcock’s “Sunday Never Comes,” which also received the Ethan Hawke/Tucker Crowe treatment.

In addition, the soundtrack includes M. Ward’s “War & Peace,” previously released on What a Wonderful Industry, the album Ward surprise-released in June, an Ethan Hawke cover of the Kinks‘ “Waterloo Sunset,” and some tracks credited to the film’s composer, Nathan LarsonJuliet, Naked is out in limited release today. Check out the film trailer and official soundtrack below.