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Watch Father John Misty and Jenny Lewis Sing “God’s Favorite Customer”

Father John Misty has been touring June’s fascinating, frustrating God’s Favorite Customer for some time, and he stopped in Toronto on August 4. At the show, Misty teased, “We’re going to regale you with more midtempo material” before playing the title track, but as it turns out, he had a surprise in store. At the three-minute mark, Jenny Lewis playfully moseys on to the stage and joins a piano-playing Josh Tillman on the stage. The two of them trade lines, with Lewis providing the countermelody that Weyes Blood did on the original recording. In one endearing moment, the two of them exchange “Joshy…” and “Jenny…” during an instrumental break.

Watch the full performance below, and skip to 3:36 for the segment where Lewis and Tillman duet.