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Big Freedia Says She Had to Reach Out to Drake to Appear in His “In My Feelings” Video

Drake’s Scorpion single “Nice For What” features prominent vocals from New Orleans bounce artist Big Freedia. While fans were excited to hear the NOLA sound so prominently featured on the album, many noticed that Big Freedia wasn’t included in the “Nice For What” video, with Drake continuing to use regional elements on tracks like “In My Feelings.”

In the new video for “In My Feelings,” Drake puts New Orleans on full display, now directly including an appearance from Big Freedia, alongside others like Phylicia Rashad, La, La Anthony, and Shiggy, the dance star behind the viral #InMyFeelingsChallenge. Now, Freedia says that she had to initially reach out to Drake herself to be included in the video.

According to TMZ, Freedia initially got in touch with Drake when he was in the city for the video, and that the Toronto native invited her on set, which she interpreted as an unspoken apology for “snubbing” her with the earlier video. Watch her “In My Feelings” video appearance below.