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Aphex Twin Teaser Reveals Title of New EP

Cryptic advertisements featuring the Aphex Twin logo have been appearing in public locations all around the world, but finally we might have some answers. Today, the producer’s label Warp Records shared a photo on Twitter featuring the same sinking 3D logo, this time with some text clues. Most decipherable in the writing is the title of a new release called Collapse EP, which is spelled out multiple times in the text.

Richard D. James’ last album Syro dropped in 2014 with similarly cryptic marketing, and in 2016, the producer released his Cheetah EP. Earlier this year, BBC Radio 4 released a new radio documentary titled “The Cult of Aphex Twin” and in 2017, James put out a number of rarities and unreleased tracks as part of a new online store. Check out his latest teaser below.

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