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BBC Doc Alleges Trump Hit on Teen Models at Cocaine-Fueled ’80s Parties

Donald Trump BBC Sex Pest Documentary Airs This Weekend

A BBC documentary detailing sexual harassment and assault accusations against President Trump is set to premiere in the U.S. this weekend after airing in the U.K. earlier this month, just days ahead of Trump’s meeting with Queen Elizabeth.  The half-hour report, titled Trump: Is the President a Sex Pest? focuses on the now commander-in-chief’s past as a party fixture back when he was a 40-something New York real estate mogul in the ’80s and ’90s.

The question posed by the title may sound rhetorical given that the president has been publicly accused of inappropriate sexual behavior by at least 16 women. This documentary features new accusers, including Barbara Pilling, who claims that Trump made advances towards when she was 17 after her modeling agency sent her to one of  parties he threw, which were typically populated almost exclusively by models save for a handful of significantly older, wealthy men. Models who attended these parties are alleged to have been as young as 14 or 15.

Pilling said that Trump approached her at the party and asked how old she was. When she responded, she claims that he wasn’t put off that she was underage.

“Oh, great. So you’re not too old and not too young,” Trump allegedly said. “That’s just great.”

Pilling described the encounter as being “in the presence of a shark getting ready to roll his eyes back in his head and bite me.” The former model said she witnessed the president being predatory towards other attendees and described a moment where he touched a waitress inappropriately when she brought him a drink.

“He didn’t take the drink and slapped her on the bottom,” Pilling said. “She was a blonde. He gave her butt a slap and it was very loud. He was like, ‘Don’t worry, that’s not your tip.’”

An anonymous man who said he was at several of these parties told the BBC that there was “a lot of cocaine around.”

“It was kind of like a feeding frenzy,” the man said. “The girls were there as consumables.”

In a press release, the BBC clarified that “there’s no evidence that Donald Trump had sex with underage girls, but the program has been told he did pursue models in their teens.”

Trump’s debauched  life style was discussed in the lead up to the 2016 election when 2 Live Crew’s Uncle Luke talked about a party he attended in Florida back in the rap group’s heyday.

“Me, Mike Tyson and Eddie Murphy, we were invited to [Trump’s] mansion in West Palm Beach one time,” Luke said during an appearance on the Kevin Klein Live radio show.  “And he had all these women running around. It was so much going on to the point that I couldn’t take what was going in that room and I left.”

It bears repeating that the guy who rapped on “Face Down, Ass Up” “couldn’t take what was going” on at a Trump party.

Donald Trump: Is the President a Sex Pest airs in the U.S. and Canada on BBC World News on Saturday, July 21 at 10 am EST and Sunday, July 22 at 4:30 EST.