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Trump Says He Still Has “Rocket Man” CD for Kim Jong Un, Along With “A Little Gift”

Trump Still Has "Rocket Man" CD, and "Little Gift" for Trump

President Trump today confirmed reports that he intends to give his new buddy Kim Jong Un a signed (by Trump, not by Elton John) “Rocket Man” CD, a cute little in-joke harkening back to “Little Rocket Man,” the insulting nickname Trump bestowed on the North Korean dictator back when the two men were threatening to drop bombs on each other. He’d reportedly intended to send the disc to Kim via Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, but it seems Pompeo failed—or declined—to pass it on.

“They didn’t give it, I have it for him, they didn’t give it, but it will be given at a certain time,” Trump told the press pool Tuesday morning before departing for this week’s NATO summit in Brussels. “I actually do have a little gift for him, but you’ll find out what that gift is when I give it.”

Meanwhile, Associated Press has clarified that the “Rocket Man” CD Trump intends to give Kim is actually a copy of John’s 1972 album Honky Chateau, which features the song that formed the basis for Trump’s derogatory nickname. According to South Korean news outlet Chosen Ilbo, Trump and Kim chatted about the song during their thoroughly bizarre summit in Singapore this June, where the North Korean strongman reportedly admitted that he’d never actually heard it. A month later, the man who apparently forgot to get his wife a gift of any size for her birthday still seems determined to introduce Kim Jong Un to the work of Elton John.