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Is Tinashe’s New Song a Shot at Her Ex Ben Simmons?

Tinashe has just released a steamy new song called “Like I Used To,” amid gossip reports that the singer has been repeatedly showing up at the same clubs as her ex, NBA star Ben Simmons, and his new fling Kendall Jenner. A TMZ story indicated that the basketball player even considered beefing up his security detail. Now, Tinashe appears to be firing back. Her new song includes lyrics that take shots at a former lover:

I gave up all my love but you abused it
Now you’re just something I checked off my to-do list
Yeah you got your own bag, that ain’t why I want you
I can pop my own tags, I can buy my own coupe
This shit too easy like a free throw, yeah
This shit might blow up like some C-4, yeah”

Perhaps it’s a coincidence, but the basketball reference seems hard to ignore. Whoever the song refers to, though, it’s clear Tinashe’s not taking heartbreak lying down.

“Like I Used To” was produced by Hitmaka, who recently teased a forthcoming full-length from Tinashe titled Nashe. There’s no indication yet whether this song is the lead single from that project, but the artwork features the inscription “XO Nashe.” Stream the new song below.