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Steve Aoki Wants You to Eat His Pizzaoki

Steve Aoki Launches Pizza Venture

EDM’s busiest multitasker Steve Aoki has added yet another venture to his considerable portfolio. According to People magazine, the DJ is teaming up with Family Style Inc. to create Pizzaoki, a pizza delivery service. We’re not sure what sets this apart from every other pizza delivery chain—maybe Aoki shows up at your door and throws the pizza in your face upon delivery.

“I’m so excited to finally launch Pizzaoki,” Aoki told People. “If you know me, you know I love pizza and I love technology so coming up with a concept in which I could tie both of those components together was a piece of cake!”

Aoki missed an opportunity to go with a pizza tie-in by describing the development of the concept as “easy as pie,” but he does love his cake too. Oh well.

Los Angeles is serving as ground zero for Aoki’s new concept, which can be ordered via UberEats and Postmates. Aoki is hoping to expand the venture to include actual sit-down restaurants, but for now, if you want to order the Mayhem or Dim Mak pizzas (their actual names), you have to do so through an app while in L.A.

Aoki’s new career path isn’t entirely out of left field. His dad Hiroaki “Rocky” Aoki is the founder of Benihana, everyone’s favorite chain hibachi joint. In a way, the 40-year-old DJ is finally joining the family business.