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Video: Oneohtrix Point Never – “The Station” & “We’ll Take It”

The age of Age Of unfolds today with two new Oneohtrix Point Never videos for album tracks “The Station” and “We’ll Take It.” The first is a black-and-white, sinister-seeming depiction of bondage and pain animated and directed by artist Daylen Seu; the latter is a chaotic, face-melting piece of 3D cartoon grotesque incorporating imagery from 0PN’s recent Myriad installation performances and made with longtime creative collaborators Nate Boyce and Last Renaissance.

Several upcoming performances of Myriad remain, including dates in Tokyo, Paris, and Los Angeles. This Friday (July 27), Oneohtrix Point Never releases a pair of companion EPs, The Station and We’ll Take It, bundling three new songs with each of the album tracks. Watch the videos for both below and read Spin’s recent interview with Oneohtrix Point Never’s Daniel Lopatin here.