Oneohtrix Point Never Announces The Station EP

Coming off his excellent recent album Age OfOneohtrix Point Never has announced a new EP release behind second single “The Station.” Earlier this week, Oneohtrix’s Daniel Lopatin revealed a demo version of the song, based around a downsampled, hyper-processed bass riff originally created for Usher. The Station EP includes the final version of “The Station” as well as three new 0PN songs. A separate vinyl-only EP release, We’ll Take It, swaps out Age Of track “We’ll Take It” for “The Station” but includes the same three additional songs. “The Station” will also receive a forthcoming animated video by artist Daylen Seu.

The Station EP and its counterpart We’ll Take It EP both arrive July 27 from Warp. Listen one of the three new songs, “Trance 1″—previously a Japan-only bonus track—and check out the full track list below. Read Spin’s recent interview with Oneohtrix Point Never here.

Oneohtrix Point Never, The Station EP track list
1. “The Station”
2. “Monody”
3. “Blow by Blow”
4. “Trance 1”


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