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Insane Clown Posse’s Violent J and His Daughter Take on Furry Scammers in New Video

“Juggalo furry” sounds like a combination of words you’d find on an obscure fanfiction website, but it’s the self-declared identity of Ruby Bruce Lee, who happens to be the daughter of Violent J, one half of juggalo originators Insane Clown Posse. Now, father and daughter are teaming for a new web series called Snake Busters, about their attempts to hassle online merchandisers who sell sketchy goods.

Their first target: a company called OISK, a costume manufacturer on the Chinese online marketplace AliExpress, who allegedly sold Ruby a deficient rainbow-colored fursuit. “OISK snaked us!” yells Violent J. The video’s main argument is that Violent J is broke (a theme echoed by his recent tweet asking Elon Musk for a handout in the wake of ICP’s expensive legal battle with the FBI), and that the $750 he spent on the OISK suit hit him right in his “weak, malnourished, feeble pocketbook.” Ruby, a savage, quips, “If my dad could rap better, he wouldn’t be so broke.”

Father and daughter then run through a list of grievances with the product, including flimsy hands, poor visibility, and an oversized head with a “crazy annoying little fan inside.”

“OISK, you snakes have been busted!” the pair declare in unison. It’s a charming conclusion to what may be the best consumer review ever posted to a musician page on Facebook. Now, can someone please give Violent J some money?