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Grimes Granted Restraining Order Against Caped Intruder Carrying 3 Computer Mice

Grimes has been granted a restraining order after an unwanted visitor showed up at her home. TMZ reports that a man wearing a cape and a “weird costume” and carrying three computer mice, identified as Raymond Barrajas, scaled a hill at the back of her house on 7/10 while yelling that he needed to see Grimes so he could “take her on a ride.”

Grimes wasn’t home at the time, but her brother was and called 911. When police arrived, the intruder was still in the backyard. “I’m a black man, shoot me,” he reportedly yelled at the cops. He was taken into custody and placed under psychiatric hold.

According to legal documents that Grimes filed after the incident, the man has a delusional fixation on her and believes that she is sending him messages through her music. A court has ordered him to stay 100 yards away from her, her brother, her two friends, and her pet at all times.

This article originally appeared on Stereogum.

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