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DJ Koze Gives Sparkling Remix to Gorillaz’ “Humility”

As far as mainstream pop acts collaborating with underground heroes goes, Gorillaz tapping veteran dance producer DJ Koze for a remix is pretty exciting. The goofy-hat-loving German artist—who happened to release one of our favorite albums of the year back in May—has just released his take on “Humility,” a standout from Gorillaz’ recent album The Now Now. Where the original was sprightly and upbeat, Koze sends the song tumbling down a bittersweet wormhole of melancholy pads and shuffling percussion. The track culminates in a sparkling mist of subtle vocal manipulation and guitar noodling. It’s the kind of delicate mood shift that’s earned the producer’s remixes a slew of critical adoration over the years (especially his revelatory DJ Kicks mix). There are few artists in the world as skilled as at making other people’s music so completely their own.

In addition, Gorillaz have released a remix by the mysterious indie pop band Superorganism. Check out both songs below, and read our review of The Now Now here.