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Geoff Barrow’s Beak> Announce New Album, Release “Brean Down”

After teasing a possible new record last month, Beak> have made it official. The menacing minimal krautrock trio, led by Portishead‘s Geoff Barrow, likes to keep their aesthetic parameters pretty narrow. If you’ve been following along with them thus far, you probably have a good guess about the name of the third album. It’s called >>> (following 2012’s excellent >>, naturally), and it’s out September 21 via Invada Records/Temporary Residence.

They’ve also released a new song called “Brean Down.” “Allé Sauvage,” the first thing we heard from the album, was Beak> at their most stark and repetitive, approaching something like techno or industrial music. This one is the opposite: their version of a tight and approachable pop song, with a real chorus and the cleanest production they’ve ever had. Don’t worry—there’s still plenty of synth ooze to spare, and Barrow is still drumming like the demonic stepchild of Jaki Liebezeit. Hear it below.