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Baby Trump Balloon Takes Flight Outside Pearl Jam Show in London

While the actual Donald Trump was awkwardly walking back some of his comments about Russian interference in the 2016 election, the helium-filled Baby Trump balloon was making a cameo at Pearl Jam‘s show in London. The band approved the flying of the Trump-baiting dirigible outside their show at The O2 on Tuesday night (July 17) in a flash back to the massive protests that greeted the American president when he visited England last week, in which more than 200,000 people took to the streets to rail against the reality star leader of the free world.

According to NME, PJ gave their blessing for the Trump airship to be tethered outside the show, while inside singer Eddie Vedder addressed the huge turn-out for the Trump protests, noting that the band has never once felt any animosity on their current European tour despite the widespread disdain for Trump.

“I know at home it feels very divisive. It feels like he’s added such divisive energy into how we get along back home,” said Vedder during the show as images of the blimp flying outside were shown on a screen. “Then I realized the other day watching all the protests here down in the square. [Trump’s] actually bringing people together in a great way. When you get 250,000 protestors of all ages, cultures, different sexual orientations… you know, maybe he’s uniting people in a way that is gonna be needed in the near future.”

Vedder also read a selection of the signs held by protesters, including ones that read “God save the queen from the rotten tangerine,” “Make empathy great again,” “Too many tweets make a twat” and “Trump is as welcome as a third-place World Cup play-off.”

Check out pictures of the tiny-handed blimp outside the O2.

This article originally appeared on Billboard