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Animal Collective Announce New Audiovisual Album Tangerine Reef, Release “Hair Cutter”

Bearing out rumors that came to light last week, Animal Collective has announced a new double album called Tangerine Reef. The album is an audiovisual collaboration with Coral Morphologic, a duo consisting of a marine biologist and musician that specialize in “avant-garde coral macro-videography.” The 13-track album, due out August 17 on Domino, features the standard Animal Collective lineup, but without Panda Bear. Today, the band has released a comprehensively ambient single from the album—or, as a press statement calls it, “visual tone poem”—called “Hair Cutter,” with an Apple-Music-exclusive video featuring dazzling undersea time-lapse images of coral, sea anemone, and more.

Avey Tare, Deakin, and Geologist played an hour-long set at a so-called “Coral Orgy” event in Florida last year, and performed as part of a two-night interactive music installation in New Orleans earlier this year. You can check out the video for “Hair Cutter” here via Apple Music. Listen to the single, and check out a trailer for Tangerine Reef, along with its cover and track list (get ready for AnCo’s “Inspector Gadget”), below.

1. Hair Cutter
2. Buffalo Tomato
3. Inspector Gadget
4. Buxom
5. Coral Understanding
6. Airpipe (To A New Transition)
7. Jake And Me
8. Coral By Numbers
9. Hip Sponge
10. Coral Realization
11. Lundsten Coral
12. Palythoa
13. Best Of Times (Worst Of All)

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