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Watch Foo Fighters Recreate Dave Grohl’s Leg-Breaking Fall With Stunt Double Prank in Sweden

Foo Fighters pulled an unusual stunt at a show in Gothenburg, Sweden last night, in an apparent homage of sorts to the show the band played there three years ago, during which Dave Grohl fell off-stage and broke his leg. Last night, an exuberant stunt double version of Grohl, who only vaguely resembles the real Grohl, ran out on stage to start the show, and promptly fell off the runway onto a cushion. Then Grohl himself came out, and the Foo-rocking commenced. No one in the crowd seemed to care very much about any of this, but those Foo Fighters are real cut-ups, I tell you what. Watch fake Grohl prank the hell out of those Swedes below (via Stereogum).