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Video: Arcade Fire – “Chemistry”

Arcade Fire have released a bizarre new video for “Chemistry,” off their most recent album Everything Now. It’s been a little over a year since the rollout for Everything Now began with the title track, and it looks like Arcade Fire still aren’t through with the record. (They were not kidding about infinite content, though we weren’t exactly infinitely content with the album.)

The video, directed by Ray Tintori (who also did music videos like the Killers’ “Spaceman” and MGMT’s “Time To Pretend”) is as eccentric as the song itself, with animal-human hybrids at a wedding between a bear and a shark, before the bear falls in love with a cat and things escalate from there. “Chemistry” was also animated by Starburns Industries, AKA the “it’s-a good show!” chef logo at the end of Rick & Morty and the animators behind videos for acts like Eels.

Watch below.