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Underworld and Iggy Pop Announce Collaborative EP Teatime Dub Encounters; Hear “I’ll See Big”

British electronic institution Underworld and the basically always interesting Iggy Pop recently collaborated on an unusual single, “Bells & Circles,” and today we’ve learned that song was just the first of four on Teatime Dub Encounters, a newly announced Underworld/Iggy Pop collaborative EP that’s out July 27.

With today’s announcement, this trio of confirmed old heads have shared another new song, “I’ll See Big.” Like “Bells & Circles,” it features an extended spoken word performance by Iggy Pop, but this time both he and Underworld’s soft, spacey arrangement strike a more reflective tone. “I’m getting a little older now, and I start to think about the friends that are gonna think of me when I move along,” Iggy says. “They’re not the best, fanciest people—not even very good people, frankly. Their big claim to fame is: They’re my friends!”

Listen to “I’ll See Big” and see the Teatime Dub Encounters EP track list below.

Teatime Dub Encounters track list
1. “Bells & Circles”
2. “Trapped”
3. “I’ll See Big”
4. “Get Your Shirt”