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Trump and Kim Jong Un’s Summit: All the Weird Stuff That Happened

Trump/Kim Jong Un Summit: The Most Insane Things That Happened

Shortly after President Trump alienated most of the United States’ most important allies at the G7 summit in Quebec, the commander in chief set off for Singapore where he made a new friend in North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. On Monday night, Trump and Kim struck up a mutual admiration for each other, despite the president previously taunting the autocrat with snipes like “Little Rocket Man,” and the dictator threatening to nuke the United States back to the Bronze Age.

As you can imagine, the historic meeting and the circumstances surrounding it were insanely weird. Here are a few of the most batshit occurrences from when an aspiring dictator cozied up to an accomplished authoritarian under the guise of getting the latter to de-nuclearize.

Trump played Kim a fake movie trailer the White House made casting the two leaders as heroes who bring about world peace. 

The White House produced some actual fan fiction of world peace presided over by a guy who starves his own citizens and a guy who is fine with tearing children away from their parents and tossing them into warehouses on military bases if they have an undesirable immigration status. According to BuzzFeed, Trump showed this dystopian nightmare to Kim on an iPad. Fun.

Kim practically shot lasers out of his eyes after Trump asked camera operators to make them look “nice and handsome and thin”

The two world leaders forgot to take the hangers out of their suits before posing for this picture.

Yep, that’s the American flag flown next to the DPRK flag.

Trump Kim

Dennis Rodman rolled into town repping a cryptocurrency site for the marijuana business and wearing a MAGA hat.

Rodman had a lot to say about the historic summit to CNN’s Chris Cuomo. He also cried and thanked Eddie Vedder.

Megyn Kelly joked that he is “the Henry Kissinger of our time.”

This happened.

Trump felt the need to make this cuddly gesture towards a dude who literally had his brother assassinated with nerve agent in an airport.

Trump Thumbs Up Kim Jong Un

Trump admitted he won’t take responsibility for the decision to meet Kim if it turns out to be “a mistake.” 

In a refreshing but startling moment of honesty, the president admitted that he’ll probably dodge responsibility for the summit should the relationship between Trump and Kim go sideways.

If things go well, Trump opined about how he’d love to build his tacky hotels upon North Korea’s beaches. Very presidential.

Following the summit, Trump sat down with ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos and touted the great love North Koreans have for their leader.

Well, the people have no choice but to love their leader given how they basically live in a gulag.

We’ve seen the future, and it’s incredibly dumb.