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Stream Snail Mail’s New Album Lush

Snail Mail’s much anticipated debut full-length, Lush, is sharp and earnest–singer Lyndsey Jordan’s candid lyrics cradled by deadpan delivery and heavy riffs for a soft look at the 18-year-old’s world. Jordan came up in the Baltimore DIY scene then released her first EP, Habits, in 2016 before signing to Matador the following year for her debut full-length.

Produced by Jake Aron–who has worked with musicians like Solange, Grizzly Bear, and Chairlift–the album is ten songs of unwithering emotion over tender garage rock. As Jordan put it earlier this year to Stereogum, “I wanted to make a record that I felt was cohesive and something that I would put on my own record player and be like, ‘Hell yeah,’ even though I wouldn’t, and play live every night and be like, ‘Hell yeah.'”

The singer released singles “Pristine,” “Let’s Find an Out,” and “Heatwave” ahead of the album, the latter of which came with an accompanying video of her on a skate rink against a group of intimidating but ultimately rudimentary men.  She told Billboard, “I just write the music I want to make, and we play it. I’m not trying to take over the world.” 

You can stream the new album below.