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Video: Smashing Pumpkins – “Solara”

Smashing Pumpkins Release "Solara" Video

In the video for new Smashing Pumpkins song “Solara,” Billy Corgan looks a hell of a lot like he’s auditioning for a remake of a certain forgotten ’90s Jeff Goldblum film. The Nick Koenig-directed clip reprises certain video tropes from the band’s heyday, including but not limited to: blue lighting, people moving in inexplicable slo-mo, shimmery silver clothing, women with smeared red lipstick, motivational posters displayed ironically, the insinuation that an outwardly sunny suburbia masks a depraved and seedy underbelly, and excessively surreal imagery we’re supposed to assume is “deep.”

Speaking of Smashing Pumpksin’ heyday, it surely can’t be a coincidence that the three skinny blonde women leading a presumably sedated Corgan around on a leash resemble estranged original bassist D’arcy Wretzy. James Iha makes an appearance as a business man who washes his hands in a fountain as a sexy, shirtless Jason Voorhees looks on, and Jimmy Chamberlin shows up for a hot second to play slo-mo Connect Four. No shapeshifters appear, nude or otherwise.

The mostly reunited Smashing Pumpkins kick off their North American reunion tour on July 12.