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Ryan Adams, Aspiring Local Weatherman, Writes Song for Denver TV Station

Ryan Adams is scheduled to present the 5 p.m. weather forecast for Denver local news station Denver7 News today. To celebrate the occasion, or maybe just out of the kindness of his heart, Ryan Adams wrote a catchy and ridiculous new jingle for the station called “Denver7 (Piece of Heaven).” The song shows Adams spotlighting his more pop and commercial sensibilities while also clearly having a lot of fun, begging the station to do their weather forecast and promising to wear his “batman shirt” and some flannel.

This isn’t the first time Adams has made a jingle for a Colorado affiliate–last month he recorded a theme song for local radio station 105.5 The Colorado Sound. Recently, Adams appeared on The Voice where he performed “To Be Without You” from his last album, 2017’s Prisoner. He also recorded a one-off single “Baby I Love You” back in February for Valentine’s Day. Listen to “Denver7 (Piece of Heaven)” below.

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