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Justin Timberlake Wants to Say Bai Bai Bai to This Beverage Lawsuit

Extremely famous singer Justin Timberlake has been caught up in an attempted class-action suit against beverage brand Bai, maker of post-Vitamin-Water-era fruity drinks, and he wants out. As the Blast reports, the suit accuses Bai of falsely advertising its drinks as containing only natural ingredients, when they allegedly use malic acid in a way that ought to qualify as artificial. Timberlake is named as a defendant because he’s the brand’s celebrity spokesperson, appearing in a 2017 Super Bowl ad and another commercial you may have clicked through to read this very text. He even went so far as to invest in Bai, receiving the title Chief Flavor Officer, which only gets funnier the longer you think about it.

Just don’t ask Justin what his flavors are made of, because according to his own court filings, he says he doesn’t know and there’s no proof he ever did. Per the Blast: “Timberlake is seeking to have the entire lawsuit be dismissed, arguing he doesn’t know what is in the beverages he hawks.” His appointment as Chief Flavor Officer is merely a “promotional title,” holding no actual power in the world of syrupy 5 percent fruit-flavored juices. It might sound crazy but it ain’t no lie, baby bai bai bai…