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Jack White Turns “Icky Thump” Into “Icky Trump”

Jack White headlined New York City’s Governors Ball on Friday night. During his performance, he used a White Stripes staple as a platform for a bit of apt political commentary. During a fiery rendition of 2007’s “Icky Thump,” Jack White expanded the end of the verse that ends “Who’s using who/ What should we do?/ Well, you can’t be a pimp/ And a prostitute too” with the aside “That’s for you, Trump! You can’t be a president and a prostitute, too, Trump!” Then White, naturally, took the opportunity to change the song’s titular refrain to “Icky Trump, Icky Trump, Icky Trump…” Wow, get him Jack!

Fittingly, the lyrics in “Icky Trump” reference America’s immigration policies: “White Americans, what/ Nothing better to do/ Why don’t you kick yourself out/ You’re an immigrant too.” Watch White log one for the Resistance at 3:05.

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