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Frances Bean Cobain Shares Clip of Another New Original Song

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Frances Bean Cobain was born into music, but recently the 25-year-old model and rock heiress has begun dipping her toes into singer-songwriterdom via Instagram videos. Last month she shared a clip from an updated version of her first public original song, featuring herself on vocals and guitar, and last night she returned with what sounds like another new snippet. It’s not an exaggeration to say that she seems to be developing as a musician: This new clip shows off a rawer and more expressively phrased vocal that makes her sound a bit like PJ Harvey.

We don’t know the official titles of any of her songs yet, but Cobain has hinted at eventual plans to release full-length tracks or a larger project. According to the video caption, the lyrics to the new clip are, “Please bequest my last request, for duty calls me and she says come hither.” Check out the clip below.