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Donald Trump Jr. Wishing His Dad a Happy Birthday on Fox & Friends Is Depressing as Hell

Donald Trump Jr Wishes Dad Happy Birthday on Fox & Friends

Outside advisers and others hoping to have an influence on the President Trump typically appear on his favorite show, Fox & Friends, in order to make a direct plea to the commander-in-chief.  The same is apparently true for greasy fail son Donald Trump Jr., who appeared on the show that comprises the majority of his dad’s “executive time” to trash Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intel Committee, and offer his dad terrible legal advice regarding the special counsel’s Russia probe. At the end of the appearance, the three nodding heads on the Fox & Friends couch gave Don Jr. the opportunity to turn to the camera and wish his dad a happy 72nd birthday.

“Hopefully he’s watching, I imagine he is,” Don Jr. said, fully aware that his old man could have very well switched over to Morning Joe upon the sight of the campaign member who welcomed Russian spies into Trump Tower.

“Happy birthday, Dad. I love you,” Don Jr. said after turning to the camera. “You’re getting absolutely no presents because I figure five grandchildren is enough.”

“And what do you get the most powerful guy in the world?” Junior continues. “Anything is going to be a let down.”

Don Jr. certainly has some experience in letting his dad down.

“We love you and I look forward to seeing you soon,” He said before turning to the hosts and admitting, “Because I don’t get to see him very much anymore. That’s the only problem.”

Oh, I can think of several more problems with this father/son dynamic.

“I hope he’s watching” sounds like it’s a recurring theme in Don Jr.’s life.