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MTV Announces Daria Reboot

daria and jodie reboot

MTV Studios, the new production arm of MTV, has announced plans to reboot its popular ’90s animated series Daria, Variety reports . The new series, entitled “Daria & Jodie,” re-envisions the series through both the eyes of Daria and Jodie Landon who, despite being a supporting character, was beloved by fans, in part because she was the only black woman on the show and one of the few in their fictional high school. The new show will be spearheaded by Grace Edwards, a writer for Inside Amy Schumer and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Deadline reports that this reboot, along with developed revivals of Made, The Real World, and a live-action Aeon Flux, will be pitched to various streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu. “Because the younger side of MTV’s traditional target demo of persons 12-34, the 12- to 17-year-olds, do most of their viewing online, MTV plans to reach them there,” McCarthy told Deadline.

While a streaming company hasn’t picked up the show yet, MTV seems confident that their name value will ensure interest, though it’s obvious that the shows will be updated to appeal to a new audience rather than the older audience that’s actually nostalgic for them. It’s a tried and uninspired business strategy, but there’s a market for reimagining or updating cherished art—sometimes to everyone’s detriment—and MTV clearly wants to establish itself as a successful production studio separate from its cable channel quickly.