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Crazy Town Performed Their One Hit on Toy Instruments Without Jimmy Fallon Even Asking

Jimmy Fallon has a charming recurring bit in which he asks bands like Metallica to play their hit songs on the types of tiny instruments you might find in a classroom: glockenspiel, recorder, guiro, and so on. You can see why it would be a fun thing to be asked to do as a band, but there’s something quietly tragic about seeing a band do it on their own, without the Tonight Show invite—especially when the musicians in question are the aging rap-rockers of Crazy Town. They played their timeless dirtbag classic “Butterfly,” of course, on ukulele, melodica, and toy drum kit, with frontman Shifty Shellshock croaking along.

If you were a kid at the time, there’s a good chance you have an embarrassing soft spot for “Butterfly.” I know I do, which somehow just makes the whole thing even harder to watch. You don’t have to do this, guys.

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