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Video: Charlotte Gainsbourg – “Sylvia Says”

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Transatlantic pop singer Charlotte Gainsbourg has released a new, self-directed video for “Sylvia Says,” a song (and partial Sylvia Plath tribute) from her 2017 album Rest. The clip finds Gainsbourg in a surreal version of Lower Manhattan, where pedestrians collapse in crosswalks, loose disco balls roam subway stations, and a young man wearing a knit cap appears to hold special significance.

Over the past year, Gainsbourg has built Rest into nearly as much of a visual project as a musical one: “Sylvia Says” follows earlier music videos for “I’m a Lie,” “Lying With You,” “Ring-a-Ring O’ Roses,” “Rest,”  and “Deadly Valentine,” all directed by Gainsbourg and—in keeping with the personal and familial themes of the album—many featuring herself and representations of her family members. Watch the new video for “Sylvia Says” below.