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Billy Corgan Won’t Say Whether the Naked Shapeshifter He Claims He Saw Was His Lover

Billy Corgan Maybe Had Sex with a Shapeshifter

Billy Corgan discussed many serious topics when he appeared on The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday, but the highlight entailed the Smashing Pumpkins frontman revisiting his claim that he’s seen a shapeshifter. Now he says he saw the shapeshifter a second time.

For the uninitiated, during an appearance on Stern in October 2017 Corgan said he witnessed “a transformation that I can’t explain.” Aside from insisting that he was sober when he saw the spook, Corgan was stingy with the details and attempted to explain the paranormal encounter to Stern in infuriatingly vague terms:

Corgan: Imagine you’re doing something and suddenly you turn around and there’s somebody else standing there.

Stern: A different human?

Corgan: Sorta. It’s hard to explain without going into detail–I’d rather not go into details.

Stern: But did you say to the person, “What’d you just do here?”

Corgan: Yes, and they acknowledged it.

Stern: And what did they say they were? From another planet?

Corgan: They wouldn’t explain.

Stern clearly isn’t an X-Files fan because that should have been his cue to suggest that the being was perhaps character actor Brian Thompson known for playing the paranormal series’ shapeshifting alien bounty hunter.

On Tuesday, Stern asked again about the shape shifter, and Corgan stood by his story. “I know it happened,” he said. “In fact, it happened twice.”

Corgan then hinted that he was intimately acquainted with this otherworldly being. “I will say, since we’re on radio, that the story is even more fantastical than you think,” Corgan said before insisting that he’ll tell Stern all the gory details in private.

“The person was naked,” Corgan admitted after Stern pressed for more detail.

“A man?” Stern asked.

“A person was naked,” Corgan said.

Stern cross-examines Corgan like a bulldog prosecutor trying to get the rock star to admit that it was a woman he was having sex with, but Corgan demures and insists on telling Stern “in confidence” off-air.

“Are you saying it was a lover who shapeshifted,” Stern pressed.

“I can no longer discuss this,” Corgan said.

Perhaps Corgan was saving the discussion for his next appearance on Infowars.

You can listen to Corgan maybe hint that he had sex with a shapeshifter below. He was joined by the rest of the current Smashing Pumpkins lineup in the studio.

Update (12:26 p.m.): Stern shared a photo of what he says is Corgan telling him what happened with the “naked” shapeshifter off mic.