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Video: 070 Shake – “Mirrors”

070 Shake has a new video for her solo song “Mirrors,” which will likely be plenty of listeners’ first introduction to the New Jersey rapper after her high-profile appearance on Kanye West’s ye. She drifts and floats with psychedelic swagger over spacious melodic production; when she stretches out the syllables of the words “end them” at the end of the chorus, it almost sounds like new age music. The most distinctive element of “Mirrors” (which first appeared on Shake’s March EP Glitter) is its long coda, a layering of voices that ditches the tightly composed first half in favor of freeform abastraction and takes the song from about two and a half minutes to nearly five. Whether that’s a good thing might depend on your attention span, or how good your weed is. Hear it below.