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(Thee) Oh Sees Announce New Album Smote Reverser; Hear “Overthrown”

Oh Sees, the noisy California psych-rock outfit formerly known as Thee Oh Sees and also sometimes as just OCS but always featuring the maniacally productive John Dwyer, have announced yet another new album. Smote Reverser follows up last November’s Orc (as Oh Sees) and last August’s Memory of a Cut Off Head (as OCS).

First single “Overthrown” jams a dose of heavy metal skull-crushery into Oh Sees’ typically frenetic style, and the latest album’s cover art leans further into the theme with a painting of a dragon looming over a burning city. It looks like the cover of a fantasy novel, which coincidentally is artist Matt Stawicki’s main gig.

Smote Reverser is approximately the 20th studio album from The/Thee/Oh Sees/OCS, though honestly it’s getting easy to lose count. It’s officially out from Dwyer’s own Castle Face Records on August 17. Oh Sees are on tour through this fall, with newly added dates in Europe in July and South America in November.

Listen to “Overthrown” and see the Smote Reverser artwork and track list below.

thee oh sees smote reverser new album 2018 artwork

Oh Sees, Smote Reverser track list: 
1. “Sentient Oona”
2. “Enrique El Cobrador”
3. “C”
4. “Overthrown”
5. “Last Peace”
6. “Moon Bog”
7. “Anthemic Aggressor”
8. “Abysmal Urn
9. “Nail House Needle Boys”
10. “Flies Bump Against the Glass”
11. “Beat Quest”