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Video: Majical Cloudz’ Devon Welsh – “I’ll Be Your Ladder”

After a lengthly absence from music, Devon Welsh, formerly of Majical Cloudz, has returned with a new song called “I’ll Be Your Ladder.” The song, produced by Austin Tufts of Braids, expands on the group’s final album Are You Alone?but trades minimalist electronic drum machines and synths for lush orchestration. Otherwise, those who loved Majical Cloudz will thoroughly enjoy this song, which has all the earnestness and intensity of the Cloudz’ best work.

Welsh stated in an endearing, exclamation point-laden thread that “it’s about love observing all the never-ending changes of life!” and hints that the song is “one of a bunch of things I’ve been working on over the past couple of years.”

The video, directed by Christopher Honeywell, builds on the monochromatic imagery of “Downtown”,  though this video is less playful and more somber. You can watch that below: