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John Travolta Is Still Good at Dancing

John Travolta is almost certainly going through something. Why has David Miscavige has let him off his leash? Perhaps he’s secretly left Scientology. But one might volunteer any conspiracy theory to explain the Michael star’s recent public behavior consorting with musicians who became popular in the decade surrounding the turn of the 2000s. It was just the other week that Travolta did a walk-through at a Foo Fighters show in the midst of filming his depraved starring role in the new Fred Durst film Moose (Travolta recently called working with the Limp Bizkit mastermind and Tribeca Film Festival award-winner “maybe my favorite experience I’ve had”).

Now, it seems Travolta, 64, wasn’t even able to lower the mast on his freak flag during his sojourn at the Cannes Film Festival, an event at which one might expect him to class up a bit. Travolta was there for the premiere of his new John Gotti biopic Gotti, but also received the first ever Variety Cinema Icon Award. 50 Cent palled around with Travolta at the premiere, and later, performed at the party celebrating the Battlefield Earth star’s award. As Variety reports, 50’s opening act was a video montage featuring clips from Travolta’s career and kind words from Robert DeNiro, Oprah Winfrey, Olivia Newton John, and more.

When the rapper launched into a rendition of his immutable 2005 hit “Just a Lil Bit,” Travolta, star of Phenomenon, threw caution to a wind and cut a fascinatingly detail-oriented rug on stage, opening with a bit of impressive footwork that makes any potential negative critique automatically invalid. 50 Cent swore on Twitter that he “only came out here because of [Travolta].”

You may remember Travolta’s dancing from the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever, which explores the “disco” movement in dancing and music that was popular at the time. Watch below.